Yari Jumpsuit


Hi friends! It's been a while since my last post. Lots of life things have happened and kept me busy, but I've still been sewing up a storm (as documented by my Instagram account).
I'm back today to share a wonderful new pattern release with you...the Yari Jumpsuit by True Bias! Now, I promise, I sew other pattern designers other than Kelli...but hardly. Ha. She is just SO good at creating such wearable patterns! This new jumpsuit pattern can be made into pant or short form, sleeved or not, and has an optional d-ring addition which adds wonderful shaping. I chose to sew up the sleeveless pant version.


I was lucky enough to test for this jumpsuit and am happy to give you some details here and a few pictures (which sadly turned out a bit of an odd color). But hopefully they help you see the vision for this great and on-trend pattern.


The Pattern: The Yari Jumpsuit by True Bias
The Fabric: Thrifted mystery fabric in sage green (some kind of bottom weight cotton blend with perhaps some linen). I purchased over 3 yards for 99 cents!
The Process: I cut and sewed a straight size 2 in this pattern. Sometimes Kelli's patterns can run a bit large on me since I have a small bust. Kelli also uses herself as a fit model and she is 5'5''. So in hind-site I should have made a few adjustments to begin with, but I thought I would get a baseline. Next time I will add an inch or inch-and-a-half to the mid-section (I am 5'7'') so it doesn't ride up my behind. I will also take a wedge out of the neckline by a quarter of an inch to avoid gapping (again...small bust). I may also scoop out the armpits a touch as they ride up on me.
Cutting out the pant version is a little bit of a doozy since it's so long. I paid close attention to grainline and spent extra time making sure things were straight. This helped keep the pants from twisting in the final product. Assembling the pieces was simple and the pattern easy to follow. 
I'd never done a button placket quite like this one and I did wrestle with that bottom fold at the base of the pockets. It's not perfect, but hopefully my next one will be!
The neckline has a facing finish and the arms are finished with a bias binding.
You'll want to make sure you have matching thread for this project as there is much topstitching that shows.
Modifications: I made no modifications. Straight size 2.
Styling & Versatility: Honestly, I don't own many jumpsuits. But I love the look of them and I'm excited to have on in my closet now! I can see wearing this in the spring and fall paired with my Hampton Jean Jacket, or in the summer with my Birkenstocks while I chase my kiddos around. I think this pattern is so on-trend and just a fun piece to have!
Overal Review: On-trend pattern that will help you practice lots of different sewing skills! Also....POCKETS! <3