Lander Pants


After many weeks and a muslin later, my Lander Pants are finally completed! This is a high-waist pant or short pattern with retro vibes and a sleek design. I learned SO much making these pants and am super super happy with the results. Here are all the details:


The Pattern: The Lander Pant & Short by True Bias
The Fabric: Ventana Twill from Fancy Tiger Crafts in 'Brick Brown'
The Process: Ever since Kelli released this pattern, I've been wanting to make the pant version. But I really wanted a warmer burnt brown color and that's just not easy to find (especially second hand). Kelli pointed me to Fancy Tiger's twill and the rich 'Brick Brown' color was out of stock. I emailed Fancy Tiger and they were able to re-stock it (thank you FT!) which settled my fabric hunt for these pants! I love this color even though it's a little out of my comfort zone (you will usually find me in camel, navy, black, and grey). 
Next, I wanted to add to the rise of the pant, so following Kelli's lengthen shorten line, I added 2 inches to all relevant pattern pieces (check out her sew-along, that was very helpful). 
Modifications: I omitted the belt loops for a more clean-line look. I added 2 inches to the rise as well as took in the hips a bit to create less fullness and achieve a straight edge all the way down. Due to the rise, I added one more button to ensure they closed nicely with not gaping. In hindsight I could have sized down in the twill because it has more stretch than the fabric I used for my muslin. Lesson learned!
Styling & Versatility: Like I said, these pants are a little out of my comfort zone color-wise and to be honest, shape-wise. I've been a skinnies girl for years, but I really love the Kamm pant look and wanted to give it a try myself! Since most of my closet is neutral, I think these will add a fun burst of color!
As winter comes to an end, I'll be wearing these with sweaters and cardigans, then boxy tops as spring approaches. I think they will be really fun for next fall paired with heeled booties and oversized scarves.
Overal Review: If you've never sewn pants before, these will give you many chances to grow in your sewing knowledge. But they are not difficult if you take your time and follow the instructions and sew-along. I think choosing the right weight of fabric is key for these pants. I want to make another pair in the future, possibly in a dark khaki, with a zip fly for an even cleaner look.