Holiday Kimono


When I found this large second-hand Liz Claiborne velour dress I knew exactly what it was to become...a kimono. There was enough fabric to work with and with the holidays coming, why not!? Velour and velvets are easily dressed up, but being a stay-at-home-mom I wanted a more dressed-down way to enjoy this trend.


The Pattern: Kimono by Sew Over It London
The Fabric: Cotton/poly blend velour taken from a vintage Liz Claiborne dress
The Process: To begin I simply carefully cut apart the dress making sure to save as much fabric as possible. I laid out each piece then placed my pattern on top to ensure there was enough. I had JUST enough length from my largest pieces to create the back and 2 front panels. Then the bodice of the dress became the sleeves and neckband. I used my serger to put everything together and learned a lot about my serger settings a long the way (the girls from Sewing Outloud are amaaaaazing).
Modifications: I veered from the fabric recommendations on this pattern, but I think it turned out ok! I also had to piece together the neck band in 3 sections due to fabric restrictions (but the velour is forgiving b/c of the nap so you can't tell!) 
Styling & Versatility: To be honest, when I started making this I hadn't thought of how I'd wear it. So when it came time to put an outfit together I struggled a bit. But I think this kimono could work over a basic white t-shirt or even over a nicer dress for a holiday gathering. For these pictures I paired it with a simple camel colored sweater, jeans, and festive earrings for church. 
Overal Review: I can't believe I've never sewn with knits before this, particularly velour. It was dreamy to work with and such a breeze to make into a kimono when using an overlocker. I chose the Sew Over It pattern b/c it comes with a short and long version of the kimono so I can use it in future. I love boxy shapes and clean lines so this pattern is a winner for me!
I hope this piece gets worn a lot b/c I want each article in my closet to be a team player. But even so, it's fun to have a few holiday-ish items to mix in during December each year.


I have a few more things to sew up before Christmas arrives so stay tuned! I hope you each enjoy this wonderful (yet sometimes hectic) season! <3