Mandy Boat Tee & Winter 10x10

Mandy Boat Tee Winter 10x10 5

Last week wrapped up another 10x10 wardrobe challenge (if you've never hear of this, read all about it here). In the fall I also participated in the 10x10 challenge and half of my items were me-mades. This time around I only included 3, one of which was my recently made Mandy Boat Tee!

Mandy Boat Tee Winter 10x10 2

This top is a free pattern by Tessuit Fabrics and I created this one out of a jersey bed sheet I found at the thrift store. As I continue to get more comfortable with sewing with knits, shopping second hand is a great option. And talk about secret made with bed sheets! ;)
I'll give you an overview of this piece then share my reflections on this year's winter 10x10.

Mandy Boat Tee Winter 10x10 4

The Pattern: Mandy Boat Tee by Tessuit Fabrics (free!)
The Fabric: Cotton jersey from second hand flat bed sheet
The Process: This pattern is 'one size fits all' and is meant to be a loose fitting comfortable top. To begin I washed my fabric on hot and dried (since this was someone's former bed sheet I wanted to make sure it was thoroughly disinfected). I then had to figure out which way the grain ran and cut the fabric to get it all straightened out. The sheet was cut quite crooked when the original maker created the sheet. Once I had the fabric on the square I was able to proceed.
For the finishes on the hems I used a double needle on my machine. This was my first time trying a double needle and I was surprised how easy it was to do!
Modifications: I followed the pattern with the exception of adding 2 inches to the sleeve length to make it full sleeves instead of 3/4 and I also took off 2 inches from the length to give more of a cropped fit.
Styling & Versatility: My wardrobe needed another basic 'mom' top for winter and this fit the bill! My days are spent chasing babies and I usually end up covered in dried snot by the end of the day. SO, comfy easy clothing is what I reach for on the regular. I love wearing blue, however this is slightly brighter than I normally gravitate toward. I do think it will mix well with my current wardrobe however. 
Overal Review: If you've been afraid to work with knits, definitely try this pattern! First of all, it's free, so that's a great reason to try it. But it's very forgiving since it's not fitted so there is little room for error. Keep a look out for jersey sheets when you hit the thrift store, then you will really have no excuse! I will be making more of these in the future for sure!

Mandy Boat Tee Winter 10x10 1

This winter marks the 4th time I've participated in the 10x10 challenge and each time I take away something new. 

The clothes I selected:
2 bottoms: one pair of high-waisted jeans, one pair of leggings
5 tops: one button up, one sweater, and 3 pullovers
2 outer pieces: one boiled wool kimono, one open cardigan
1 pair of leather ankle booties

What felt right:

  • I had no struggles coming up with outfits this round. Since I selected all separates, it was very easy to mix and match and not feel bored with what I was wearing. I loved pairing a few combos in new ways and I especially enjoyed utilizing my amazing Eileen Fisher boiled wool kimono that needed to have the spot light. It is really quite the team player. 
  • These leather booties were a recent purchase and I enjoyed the way they looked with each outfit. No regrets on only having 1 pair of shoes for 10 days!

What I would change next time:

  • First of all, I wasn't terribly happy with my color palette. I ended up feeling like I needed a few warmer colored pieces to throw in the mix. I tried to do this with earrings and a bandana, but I wanted something more camel colored (my signature color) in rotation by the end.
  • It's challenges like these that help me weed out pieces in my closet, and this time, that would be my jeans! I purchased these H&M Conscious jeans after having my son, thinking they would be a great way to pull in my postpartum tummy but I came to realize they just aren't quite high waisted enough. For me I need at minimum an 11 inch rise on my pants to truly feel satisfied in the height of the waist. Anything lower than that rubs me in a weird place where my abdominal muscles have separated after having 2 children.
  • Lastly, by the end I wished I had a piece or 2 with some length variation. Each top was relatively the same length and it left every outfit looking fairly similar in dimension. Next time I will add a long vest or skirt to change this up a little bit.
Mandy Boat Tee Winter 10x10 3

Ultimately my goal in participating in the 10x10 challenge is to have all pieces be me-mades (well...maybe not my shoes). I will slowly work toward this in the coming months and see if each time I can increase the number. There is also an amazing community of sweet women that participate through instagram, so follow the hashtags on there and you will be filled to the brim with inspiration!