2018 Sewing Goals & Life Balance

2017 brought the birth of this blog (and Instagram) which helped launch me more fully into my passion for sewing and repurposing fabric. I have a lot to be proud of in 2017 but there is one thing I'm seeking to be better at...balance.

The last few months of 2017 I pushed myself to sew almost every day and keep up with the 'output'. This left me feeling burnt out pretty quickly and longing for a way to pursue other creative passions as well as my biggest love, sewing.


SO, with that in mind I have a new system for 2018 that I'm going to try! Utilizing the free 2018 Sewing Calendar from Sew DIY, here is my plan...

Every 2 weeks I will allow myself to begin a new garment leaving plenty of space in that 2 week gap to:

  • take my time sewing, paying attention to strong finishes and simply enjoying the process of making
  • tidying up my space as I go along instead of jumping into the next project before cleaning up the last
  • allow space for smaller sewing projects like mending, altering, and taking care of the clothing I already own
  • try something new such as my new punch needle, embroidery, or playing with scraps
  • focus time on other important pursuits like my personal physical health (i.e. going to the gym), my spiritual health (i.e. daily time in the Bible), meal planning and working toward more whole food eating for me and my family (including learning how to make sourdough!), and maintaining a cleanly and orderly home (like doing dishes/laundry more regularly, organizing storage room, etc)

I shared on my Instagram my #2018makenine which has been really helpful in anchoring down my makes to spread throughout the year. Scattered in-between these 9 items I plan to do other projects and garments, but I know I will be really proud if I can take my time to create 9 solid, well-made items this year. I selected patterns for garments that would fill holes in my closet and challenge me personally. I plan to make muslins of most of the items to give attention to fit and fabric choice.

In all of this I hope to slow down a bit in order to give my best intention and effort into each area of my life, family, and home. Sewing is such a high for me I can easily neglect other important things and I don't want to do this. By creating this system, I pray I can enjoy my craft, learn new things, be present with my family, and keep a happy orderly home.

Praying you have a wonderful 2018 and meet the end of this year with a sense of accomplishment and growth!

Star White